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Please see below Guidance from the Connecticut Hockey Conference.

Important Note: Edward L Bennett Rink is complying with DPH, allowing only one spectator per player.












CoVid-19 Information

WHYH families, players, and coaches,  

We hope you had a great first week of hockey.   We had a couple bumps in the road last week and are looking for ways to fix them as quickly as possible for everyone including the Department of Health.   
Attached are our latest Covid Protocols from the league. 
After some confusion this past weekend we wanted to reiterate our protocols to all of our families to prevent further confusion moving forward.   
Some of the changes are the blue colored text in the protocols which include.  
1.  Locker rooms are closed.   Refer to our website for latest transition and entry procedures.   (This is going to be updated again soon when the rink receives more mats and we can stage 2 more areas for the teams) 
2.  Capacity Statement from the State of CT for Rinks was added:    
States that we can only have 1 PARENT/Guardians per PLAYER. (Please do not let extra people into the rink through the side doors). 
3.  Sign-in sheet must be filled in by any non-player (parent) whom enters the rink. 
We will be having a Security Guard located at the table to sign in non-players and to monitor the amount of family members entering the rink. 
Security Guard will also be responsible for turning away visiting teams families if they have too many parents/guardians at the rink.
Please show our security guard respect and listen to what they are telling you.     
We are excited to continue playing hockey this week and hope that these minor inconveniences to us all can keep our young players playing hockey in Bennett Rink for the entire season. 
Thank you for your cooperation and patience during this hockey season.  



WHYH CoVID-19 Protocols (revised 11-5-20)

Lockerroom Locations (revised 9-13-20)

Notice to Visiting Teams

At the request of the rink manager:

All parking at the Bennett Rink should be in the parking lot on the side of the school. Any vehicles parked behind the rink, on the grass, or in front of the rink (at the curb) will be ticketed/towed.

Also, there is no loitering in the lobby. Please have all family members enter and remain in the rink. While in the rink spectators should keep 6 feet apart and masks should remain on at all times. Exiting the rink must be through the side of the rink. PLEASE do not exit through the lobby.

Thank you for your understanding,

We here at West Haven Youth Hockey would like to remind all of our extended hockey families throughout the state to do our part to slow the spread and defeat this virus.


Listen to the experts!!


Wear a mask, practice social distancing, wash your hands often, and stay home as much as possible. Right now we are ALL on the same team!