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Dear West Haven Youth Hockey Members and Families,

I am deeply honored to be asked to be on the board of directors for West Haven Youth Hockey.  Accepting the challenge of being president humbles me in that West Haven Youth Hockey is where I began my career as a player in the league's inaugural season in 1968. I feel it is time to give back to the organization that provided me with a solid foundation, not only in the world of hockey, but in life in general. I had success and heartache throughout my tenure as a player in West Haven Youth Hockey, but the one constant was the positive reinforcement I received from all the dedicated volunteer moms, dads, and coaches with whom I came in contact. Most importantly, I learned how to be a PART of a TEAM. The lesson of learning to win or lose with dignity and class was foremost. 

As I ventured away from West Haven for high school and college, while continuing to play hockey, I was often met with respect when those I encountered became aware of my hockey roots.  West Haven hockey is held in high esteem in the hockey world, and I have always been proud to call this town and this program home.  Without question, my experiences with this organization and our great sport have opened many doors for me that would not have been available otherwise. 

 My goal in working for our WHYH community is to provide an environment that allows our boys and girls to grow as athletes, as teammates and as people.   I'd like the kids to be able to look back on this period of their lives and remember not only wins or losses, but the people they met and the lasting relationships they built.  Ideally, I'd like them to enjoy the experience so much that they'll still be playing at my age! 

I look forward to seeing everyone at the rink.    

 Kyle Bensen