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Dear West Haven Youth Hockey Community,

After what I hope was a long and relaxing summer break, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone back, including our newest families, to the 2022-2023 youth hockey season here in West Haven.

West Haven Youth Hockey had a very successful 2021-2022 season. From our opening day kick-off weekend to a solid showing by all our teams in the Haunted Shootout Tournament, West Haven Youth Hockey players made a strong impression on many of their opponents. We ended the 2021.2022 season with several in season tournament championships in addition to a very competitive showing at the Connecticut Hockey Conference tournament.

As we begin this hockey season, a reminder that we all represent West Haven Youth Hockey when we show up at the rink. Our actions as adults can have an enormous impact on both our players and our organization. This is a game played by young girls and boys who are learning the value of teamwork, competition, effort, and friendship. I encourage all parents to support our players as they develop throughout the hockey season. And remember, it’s just a game.

To our players, whether your team wins or loses, we are always respectful and show good sportsmanship to our opponents and to the referees who make playing possible.

Lastly, we have an outstanding group of coaches and volunteers who put in countless hours to make our organization successful. We cannot do this without their hard work and dedication. To everyone who is part of West Haven Youth Hockey, thank you and have a great start to the season.

Best Regards,

Scott Mazuroski
West Haven Youth Hockey